How to Score Good Deals and Discounts at Patagonia

No question about it, Patagonia is one the most desirable apparel brands in the world today.

Their products can be pricey, a minimum requirement for any luxury brand, but their popularity is ultimately based on their reputation for excellent quality and customer service.

Moreover, when you buy from Patagonia, you can rest assured and feel good about the fact that the products were manufactured responsibly and workers were treated respectfully and paid fair wages.

That being said, the company also offers plenty of opportunities for their customers to save money on Patagonia products and isn’t secretive about it either.

Patagonia Seasonal Sales and Web Specials

Unlkle many other luxury brands, Patagonia has regular sales on many of their most popular items.

Be sure to check their website as they always have web specials. However, there are also seasonal sales happening every few months.

It’s the seasonal sales that often have the best deals. Be sure to compare online and in store specials. They are not always the same and of course availability will vary too.

The Patagonia store clerks are so nice and helpful, you can always always ask them when the next seasonal sale is coming up. Don’t make the mistake of paying full price for an item when you can get it half off a couple of weeks later!

Buying (and Selling) Used Apparel at Patagonia

This is quite amazing and speaks to Paragonia’s efforts to model sustainable manufacturing and corporate social responsibility.

If you have Patagonia clothes that you no longer wear for whatever reason, you can trade it in at a Patagonia store in person or send it in. Details are available on their site but essentially you will be getting store credit for it. The items do have to be in somewhat decent condition.

Patagonia calls this worn wear and in fact they also operate a website aptly named

Besides selling your used apparel to Patagonia, you can also buy worn wear from Patagonia right off their website. The discounts for worn wear usually appear to be in the range of 30 to 60% off the original retail price.

If it was about the percentage discount alone, I’d say you can score similar deals during their seasonal sales and on web specials but in that case you may also have to wait and the selection may not be comparable. And of course, you may feel better about yourself buying worn wear and doing your part to build a more sustainable world.

Patagonia’s Free Repair Service

Did you know that Patagonia offers a free repair service?

For example, if you find a tear in your stylish Patagonia vest, don’t hesitate to take it to your local Patagonia store to have it fixed. Now that’s called customer service!

Minor fixes can be handled by store staff but you can also mail in your item. More details about the process are available on the Patagonia website.

Please note if you mail the item to Patagonia, it can take a few weeks to get it back.(This is due to the current staffing shortage, which as you may know has affected many industries over the past year, including apparel retailers.)

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